Due to the improvement of modern technology ,there are various styles of gold plated bracelet. Fashionable in current society. It has become the wind vane of the fashion trend. Today,let’s talk about how to maintain gold plated bracelet.

  1. In order to avoid repeated shedding of lead metal fatigue conditions,therefore,wear gold-plated bracelets in a vertical direction to break apart,do not pull bracelets maybe a deviation.
  2. When you wear gold-plated bracelet,don’t come into contact with hard objects or pulling.This is due to the relatively low hardness of gold and silver,that are easy to break or scratch, thus undermining the bracelet itself and shape.
  3. Try to avoid wearing a gold-plated bracelet on chemicals.Meanwhile,as little contact with pomade,perfumes and cosmetics.Because once touch,they will be prone to chemical reactions,cause the braceletto be corrosion or discoloration.Therefore,if you must contact recommendations take the bracelet off well in advance.
  4. You should pay attention to deposit of gold-plated bracelet .When you don’t wear it,please not exposure or exposed to air for a long time,and you should to put it in a box,so that it will maintain it’s original appearance.
  5. While you think your gold-plated bracelet needs cleaning,you should consult people who knows this knowledge,or sent it to a professional cleaning place to help you.

   You can follow above ways to maintain gold plated bracelet. 

How to maintain gold plated bracelet