Since ancient times, the earrings are women attracted to dress up the appearance of things. Dynamic earrings bring out women’s charming, lovecode earrings or naments can also be appropriate selection to adjust face shape defect, the role of the finishing touch. Earrings a great variety of styles and materials, art of wearing earrings, truth lies with the surrounding environment, an individual’s temperament, face, eye and ear type hairstyle, dress for one, short of gilding decoration beautiful effects. Here is Latest Fake Diamond Shaped Hoop Earrings Designs For Girls. Let us talk about how to organize earrings.

People with long face can be worn round earring or earrings to adjust the face image to make the face plump moving; best for wearing earrings, exaggeration, to larger styles of earrings and large size and geometry of the metal earrings, not confluent Su pendant earrings. Confidence-professional women can also wear exaggerated eardrop to display bold character.

Select clothing color matching earrings: the earrings of colors should coordinate with the color of your clothes, same color blending can produce a harmonious aesthetic. Of contrast colors just right, can make the dynamic.

the exaggerated geometry, giant rings have taste of the wild, jackets and clothing, matches, can be rich and bold modern feeling, don’t have lasting appeal.

Read the above introduction, you should be on how to organize earrings have an understanding of it, like to buy it!

how to organize earrings