As fashion trends change,people begin to like to wear thin leather bracelet. But there is a question has puzzled us,how to clean thin leather bracelet? Today,let’s talk about this question.

    Firstly, thin leather bracelet should pay attention to moisture,or if damp moldy,it will lose luster,affecting fastness.If it gets wet,immediately dry towel,and then dried in the shade.If it mold,star with the hair brush to dust, then wipe clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol ,mold,or wipe with mild alkaline water,then wipe clean with dry towel and dried in the shade.Leather bracelet for long-term storage,4 high concentration of soap with a towel dipped in thick liquid gently rub it again,and then dipped in water complex gently wipe and dry to prevent mildew.

   Secondly,when you wear,to prevented hard or pointed objects through the leather.If stained with dirt,shall be lightly wiped with damp cloth in a timely manner;do not rub hard,to avoid hurting skin discoloration.When the oil stains,and available solution of ammonia and alcohol,the ratio of water is light wipe,such as oil stains cannot be removed,this method can be repeated several times.

   Thirdly,note folded crack-proof leather bracelet,do not expose to the sun,more cream to bake.When not wearing,with a coat hanger hang,do not fold for storage.If the surface appears small cracks can be painted brush dipped in egg to crack,and then rubbed chicken pr duck oil,light.If the surface cracks,but at the lines covered with a layer of brown paper,iron in the paper.The iron temperature control in,not too high.Hot irons to keep moving.Burn away immediately after craft paper,hot bracelet picked up,pull a wrinkle,the wind blowing at the same time,it’s rapid cooling.

    Lastly,leather bracelet polishing cannot use shoe polish.If you want to make it soft light,you can use chicken oil or duck fat thin and evenly coated on the surface,with a clean soft cloth to wipe it off after 10 minutes.If the condition permission,can send cleaner clean glazing,or buy leather brightener to clean glazing from the store.

How to clean thin leather bracelet